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Marc Rose Director provides In-House IT Support at a time to suite you. Marc is an experienced professional who brings distinct strengths and specialties to the company. He works together with you ensuring that your In-House Technology never fails, and has the skills required to enable your technology to continue functioning in the future.



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In-House IT


Your smartphone is essential, but are you taking full advantage of it's capabilities? We help you setup your new phone, configure your email, ensure wireless and 4G connectivity, and ensure you are able to print wirelessly. We teach you how to backup using iCloud, Dropbox, work with the Google Play Store, and The Apple Store, and how to find your data on iCloud or Google Drive.


The Tablet market has grown exponentially and at Marcrosesoft we teach you how to send emails, use the internet, print wirelessly and make you more proficient in your everyday tasks. So once you purchase your new tablet we can set it up for you, teach you about Google Play and The Apple Store, and by the time we are finished, you will feel more confident with your purchase.


Using your Laptop at home is an essential tool. We provide 1-to-1 training to help you understand the Microsoft Windows operating system, Microsoft Office and related applications, we help you understand how to backup your data, teach you how to use your technology to your best advantage and help you learn more about how your technology can make your everyday tasks run smoother.

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  • 07956 682782
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  • marc@marcrosesoft.co.uk
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